Our C-series nickel-plated capos, and our Capo Noir
now all feature the ROLLER design!


Ever since we introduced the roller on the Shubb Deluxe capo in 1998 we have liked this design. For several years we have been researching production techniques that would enable us to offer the roller design, along with the contoured lever shape for ease of use, at the same price point as our standard capo. Now it's ready. And while we were at it, we smoothed and rounded its edges to make it feel even better to use.

Standard C-series capos in polished nickel finish
(C1, C2, C3, C4 and C5)

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PLUS... we have added another option
to the Standard line —
brushed nickel
(C1n, C2n, C3n, C4n, C5n)
suggested list price: $26.95

Its finish is a subtle satin-nickel that combines nicely with its new rounded shape, giving it an elegantly modern yet timeless look. When we previewed this model for some of our distributors, one of them said, "this is the sexiest Shubb capo yet." We think you will agree.



The Roller design:

While you can tell at a glance that this design will work smoother with less wear than our original delrin screw-cap, there is another benefit that is less obvious, but perhaps even more compelling. When we say "superior geometry" we really mean it. Because the roller head moves on an arc as it it adjusted, it makes the capo's closing action more uniform across its entire range. Kind of complicated? Well, yeah, but if you're curious...

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of the roller design...

CAPO NOIR is upgraded, too!
(C1k, C2k, C3k, C4k, C5k)C1k

For many years our most requested combination of features has been "can I get the capo in black with the roller?" Well, now you can. Its stunning black chrome finish is the choice of many who like the "stealth" look.

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