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Should you be in our artists program?

• Do you make your living playing or teaching music?

• Do you use a Shubb Capo exclusively (no other capos)?

• Would you be a positive and enthusiastic supporter of our capos and our company?

If so, there is a good chance that you qualify for our artists program. Contact us, and tell us what you do. Point us to a website, videos, or press kit - either online or hardcopy - however you can give us an idea of your musical career. If we agree that you meet the criteria above, we will ask you to sign a very simple agreement form.

As a member of our artists program, you'll qualify to buy capos at special discount pricing (about half price).

We love being in the music business, and the part we love the most is the music and the musicians. We think of all of you who use our products as part of our family, and we'd like you to feel that way, too.

Rick Shubb, CEO
Gary Mobley, Artist Relations email
Raul Reynoso, Artist Relations email


Shubb Capos
Artist relations
578 Martin Ave.
Rohnert Park CA 94972




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