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Calico joined us again at this year's NAMM show (2016) and this time I got to catch them in person.

Kirsten Proffit, Manda Mosher, and Aubrey Richmond are three charming and talented young ladies who clearly have a lot of fun when they perform, but just as clearly, take their music and their careers seriously. I'm pleased that they are part of the family of Shubb artists.

calico logo

Left to right: Manda Mosher, Aubrey Richmond, Kirsten Proffit

Be sure to add "the band." If you just enter "Calico" in a search engine, you'll get all sorts of things. But enter "Calico the Band," and bingo! I'm glad we got the right Calico ...the band, that is our NAMM show booth this year (2015), because they were terrific!

I missed their set at our booth myself, as I was setting up for a show of my own a bit later that evening, how do I know how terrific they were? Fortunately, we videotaped their set.








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