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Here's one for the DNA file. Jonathan McEuen and Jaime Hanna are first cousins with their mothers being identical twins. Musically and spiritually they are connected in the same way as the great family bands like the Carter's or probably more accurately like the Everly Bros. Their fathers are Jeff Hanna and John McEuen, co-founders of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. They have been involved with music and the stage all of their lives. And it shows. Both are accomplished guitarists and their harmony is uncanny. They also have great senses of humor.

I first heard of them when I went to a Clint Black show and Clint's pedal steel player Jeff Peterson said, "You should check out Jonathan and Jaime, they're great and they use your stuff." They were on the bill that night with Clint and I thought Jeff was right, they were great. They sounded like the Everly bros and acted like the Smothers Bros. Very funny stuff on stage.

I next ran into them in Nashville at the NAMM show and Jonathan was proudly showing off this Swedish girl band he was producing called Calaisa. Very Svengalish.

Hanna- McEuen's debut album is out now and getting critical acclaim. With their talent and personalities these guys are going to make a mark in Nashville.

hanna mceuen
Jonathan McEuen, Rick Shubb, Jaime Hanna
at the Summer NAMM show in Nashville

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