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A few years back I was asked to provide links to some videos that showed the Shubb Capo in performances. I wanted to find some high profile shows, so I started thinking: I knew that The Who had played the halftime show at Super Bowl in 2010, and figured there was a pretty good chance that Pete Townshend had used his Shubb Capo - he does use it quite often.

I looked it up, and sure enough, there was Pete using his Shubb. I figured there was no way I could possibly top the Super Bowl for a high profile performance.

But then along came the 2012 Olympics in London, and the closing ceremony featured The Who. Imagine how proud I felt, with the eyes of the whole world watching as the Olympic flame was extinguised, and a few seconds later here come The Who, with Pete Townshend sporting his Shubb Capo.

This guy plays some BIG shows! And he trusts his Shubb Capo to do the job for him, as they played LIVE for the whole world — the most watched TV event in history.


The closing ceremony at the 2012 Olympics in London.
Embedding this video is not permitted, but the link takes you to YouTube. The Who come on at about 5:40.



The WHO at Superbowl XLIV (band comes on around 2:14)

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