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Young Robin looking very Django-like.




I am currently working on bringing some of these artist pages up to date, and have sent a message to Robin just a few days ago, asking him in what context he uses his Shubb Capo, and to see if he has a picture including one. I am just as curious as you are, so check back here soon, and hopefully we will be enlightened.


Robin Nolan


A couple of years ago, Shubb endorsing artist Chris Sartisohn stopped by our office in Rohnert Park to pick up some capos. To our surprise, he brought with him his friend, Robin Nolan. Robin told us that he would like to be included on our artists list, as well.

Of course I was pleased to put his name on the list, but I was a bit puzzled, since I had never seen Robin use a capo of any kind. He's mainly known for playing gypsy jazz, a style that seldom if ever includes capoing. But like most guitarists, there must be other facets of his musicianship that we don't always see or hear, including styles that do utilize a capo. Not being one to question a good thing, I'm happy to include Robin Nolan in our family of Shubb artists.

I ran into Robin again shortly after that, when he happened to be in the area on the night of one of our John Jorgenson shows. At each of the NAMM shows, Shubb Capos presents the John Jorgenson Quintet in concert, and being good friends with John, Robin brought his guitar and sat in for a couple of numbers, including Robin's own tune, Mediterranean Blues. It was a real treat to hear these two masters of gypsy jazz together. With all those smart phones in the audience, why we don't have a video of this, I don't know. But it was an historic musical evening, for sure.






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