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the Small Glories

This year (2016) was our third at Folk Alliance in Kansas City, but it was the first time we hosted a private showcase. And it was the first time I attended myself. The overall talent level impressed me, and one duo that really stood out were JD Edwards and Cara Luft, collectively called The Small Glories.

JD & cara

When I told them how much I enjoyed the set they played at our showcase, they informed me that they weren't really a hundred percent; they had been gearing songs down into lower keys because their voices were hoarse, and they were both nearly exhausted from the grueling perfomance schedule they'd set for themselves.

"We owe you a show," Cara told me, explaining that even though I thought they sounded great, they were usually much better.

I suggested that they play an "office concert" for us; that is, stop by our office some time and play a few songs for our crew on our lunch break. Considering that they don't even live in the same country as us (they're Canadians), I didn't really expect them to take me up on it, but that's exactly what they did.

About a month later they were on tour in California. We got our office concert, and I then got to hear the Small Glories in all their glory. It was one of the most fun days at work we ever had.

small glories

Rick and Cara


Rick and Cara


If Cara Luft and JD Edwards — The Small Glories — are ever in your area, do yourself a favor and don't miss them. I think their respective musical talents blend perfectly, and their sense of tone and dynamics is exquisite. Check out these videos from our office concert, and I'll bet you agree.




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