Westy: Bubbles

Westy Westenhofer is a tremendously talented musician and showman. He can be seen currently playing string bass with the Rhythm Brothers, who specialize in hot jazz in the style of Django Reinhardt's hot club quintet. Westy's spotlight vocals, often novelty tunes, are always a highlight of any show.

In performances, one tends to not get quite enough Westy. Here we have 17 songs featuring his warm voice, side-splitting humor, and virtuoso euphonium and sousaphone playing. I've listened to it several times now; one never can get quite enough Westy.

Rick Shubb, 2004



Westy Westenhofer, string bass, sousaphone, euphonium, trombone, vocals, with:
Brian O'Rourke, Raul Reynoso, John Reynolds, Brad Roth, Matt Johnson, Peter Westenhofer, Erik Westenhofer.
Congratulate me / I Wish I Didn't Love You So / Cash for Your Trash / Stay as Sweet as You Are / I Love You Now a Little More / But Beautiful / Brown Eyes, Why Are You Blue? / I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles / Whatcha Gonna Do When There Ain't No Swing / Never Never Land / The Girl in the Little Green Hat / She's Funny That Way / Let Yourself Go / I'm Through with Love / I Got No Money / Imagination / William Tell Overture

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