Mike Fleming: rhythm guitar & vocals
Dave Jackson: bass & vocals
Raul Reynoso: lead guitar, mandolin & vocals

(reviews by Rick Shubb)

Mike Fleming writes beautiful songs about the West and about cowboys. Not the fantasy cowboys of the movies, but the genuine article. To bring his songs to life, he assembled a dynamic vocal trio with Dave Jackson and Raul Reynoso. Their voices blend smoothly, and their harmonies are crafted artfully.

Can you call a 3-piece group a band? When one of the three is Raul Reynoso, yes. One of the finest acoustic guitarists in the business (and with New West he doubles on mandolin with comparable skill), his tasteful solos and fills give each song even greater depth and character. These New West CDs belong in the collection of any guitar enthusiast, and any fan of Western music.

Wild Places

New West's first CD is a showcase for Mike Fleming's award winning songs. All 12 are originals, and feature Mike on lead vocal (along with two instrumentals, one a gorgeous Reynoso original). Solid harmony from Dave and Raul complete the vocal trio, while Raul's instrumental virtuosity is always supportive and interpretive. Mike's songs almost redefine the cowboy genre. They're not a tongue-in-cheek tribute to a west that never was, but a window into a timeless west. They run a gamut of feelings from blues to swing, and are crafted with style and skill.

Pretty Cowgirl / Stampede / Lonesome Canyon / Montana Skies / Amigo / Below the Kinney Rim / Vaquero / My Only Love / Hey Conductor / Sometimes This Old Cowboy Gets the Blues / Gypsy Cowboy Band / Wild Places


Texas Blues

On New West's second CD some elements are added to the mix. Although not a "live" album, the balance of material on "Texas Blues" more resembles that of a New West performance, with Raul taking the vocal lead on a couple of western swing standards and Dave Jackson's infectious, strong bass voice featured on three numbers. Here we get a glimpse of the engaging presence that Jackson brings to a New West show. And the boys are joined on a few of the tunes by guest fiddler Gabe Witcher who adds some nice swing touches. But again the backbone of the set is the song writing of Mike Fleming combined with Reynoso's tasteful and masterful guitar.

This Boy Can Ride / Texas Moon / Cowboy Lullaby / Texas Blues / Rodeo Hobo / My Window Faces the South / A Little Further in the Hole / The High Sonoita / Backin' to Birmingham / Time Changes Everything / The Rodeo Nobody Knows / Cowboy Blessing

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Buckaroo Dream

This satisfying third offering continues to refine the flavor of a New West CD. A healthy dose of great new Mike Fleming songs, mixed with two Dave Jackson vocals and one by Raul Reynoso, plus a sizzling instrumental (a reprise of Vaquero, with the gloves removed.) Raul, who expertly produced this set, steps back just a notch to make more room for fiddler Gabe Witcher, but his incredible guitar is still right at hand, and always right on the mark.
Mike's songs draw on a wide range of styles while retaining a strong sense of continuity, and the other songs are well selected and blend seamlessly. New West fans who have been waiting for a recording of Jackson's rendition of the Remember Song will find that track well worth the price of the CD.

Buckaroo Dream / Cowboy Swing / Line Rider's Waltz / The Remember Song / The Vaquero Song / Vaquero / Jaquima to Freno / Headin' South for a Change / The Drover's Prayer / The Wire and the Rail / The Bells of Gran Boquilla / Chow's On / Roads to Colorado

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