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For web orders to addresses outside the USA, the shopping cart will calculate the shipping cost and add it to your order. These charges may vary slightly, but here are some typical charges:

1 - 2 capos: $7.90
3 - 4 capos: $12.75
4+ capos: $16.50

1 - 11 sleeves, caps, or pads: $7.90
12+ sleeves, caps or pads: $12.75

(up to six sleeves or caps can usually be added to a single capo order without adding to the shipping cost)

As you can see, it is not practical to order just one or two sleeves or caps and pay for international shipping. The shipping cost would be far greater than the product.

If all you need is one or two replacement parts we suggest that you visit a local website that handles our line. In Europe, closer sources for replacement sleeves and Delrin caps are Hobgoblin (UK) or Thomann (Germany)

International orders are sent via USPS Parcel Post, and tracking is not available by this method. If you require a tracking number, then we can ship via UPS, but this is generally quite a bit more expensive. Contact us for special shipping.

We always fill orders promptly after we receive them, no later than the next business day. But international orders can sometimes take as long as three weeks to arrive, and we have no control over this. If you experience a slow delivery, please give your order enough time - at least 21 days - before you notify us.

NOTE: the shipping charges calculated by the shopping cart are, in almost all cases, quite a bit lower than the actual rates charged by USPS. We are absorbing the difference as a courtesy to our international customers.