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Future trade shows, festivals, etc:

Apr 25-28: Merlefest, Wilkesboro NC
Jun 13-16: Father's Day bluegrass, Grass Valley CA
July 18-20: Summer NAMM, Nashville TN
July 18-21: Grey Fox bluegrass, Oak Hill NY
Sep 10-15: Americanafest, Nashville TN
Sep 24-28: World of Bluegrass, Raleigh NC

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Replacement parts:
Spare rubber sleeves and delrin caps are available, and it would be a great show of support for your customers to keep some on hand in your store. But if you don't have any, and a customer needs one, they can get it from us online here...

Dealer support items:
• Very attractive 16x24 fabric banners
    (one free per store with minimum purchase)
• point of purchase capo display
* Bumper Stickers

• CD-ROM or USB drive with hi-res pics, video slideshows, etc.

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Our products look good in their packages, but some things about them are not apparent until someone handles them.

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Deluxe capos: S1 | S2 | S3 | S4 | S5
Standard capos, polished nickel: C1 | C2 | C3 | C4 | C5
Standard capos, brushed nickel: C1n | C2n | C3n | C4n | C5n
Capo Noir: C1k |C2k | C3k | C4k | C5k
Original capos, brass: C1b | C2b | C3b | C4b | C5b | C9b (ukulele capo)
Lite Capos: L1| L1blu | L1vio | L1grn | L1red | L9 | L9blu | L9vio | L9grn | L9red
steels: GS steel | SP1 | SP3 | RR1,RR2

fifth string capo | Transposing guide | AXYS guitar slide | string winder | Talon guitar stand

what's new?
(trade )
Our standard capos now all feature the roller design

smoother action, resists wear, superior geometry.
• CONTOURED LEVER: easier to use
• ROUNDED EDGES: softer to the touch.

Our standard capos are now also available in a new finish, BRUSHED NICKEL: an elegantly modern, satin-nickel finish. Many feel that this is our most attractive capo.
CAPO NOIR (black chrome plated capos) also now sport the roller design and contoured lever.


current product availability:
April 2019:

Deluxe capos, eapecially S1, are still in short supply. There might be a short delay on orders that include S1 capos.


current suggested list prices:
• Standard, Original, Lite Capos: $26.95
• Partial Capos: $26.95
• Deluxe Capo and Capo Noir: $29.95

check with us for other product prices and trade pricing:

Our address is:

Shubb Capos
578 Martin Ave.
Rohnert Park CA 94928-2059
tel: 707-843-4068 | fax: 707-843-4069

The old Valley Ford address and phone are still good too, as that facility is serving as warehouse storage and private offices, but most of your needs will be best served by contacting the main office in Rohnert Park.