packaging of Shubb products

All of our products are packaged in easily openable and recloseable display it's no big deal to open a package and let a cusomer handle the product. If they don't buy it, the package is easily reclosed and looks good as new. Our products really benefit from hands-on inspection so it is strongly advised, as a sales technique, that the customer should be encouraged to take the capo (or bar, or slide) out of the package and handle it.

Retailer: Take the products out of the package to show them!

Our products look good in their packages, but some things about them are not apparent until someone gets them into their hands.

It's not always apparent by sight that a Shubb Capo is not just a screw-on capo. Its over-center locking mechanism becomes apparent from hands-on experience. And when someone handles the capo, they are impressed with its quality of workmanship and design. It is a good idea to take the Shubb Capo out of its package, or to already have one out of a package, so that the customer can handle it.

People usually don't understand that the Axys is a 2-piece mechanism that smoothly rotates, until they try it. This gives them a chance to learn how easy and quick it is to rotate with the thumb of the same hand.

Much of the appeal of a guitar steel has to do with its feel. Our steels feel especially good in the hand, and after handling one for a few minutes, a player is likely to conclude that this is the right bar for them.

Transposing Guide
Its use may not be apparent until someone has tried sliding the sliders, and sees how the keys and chords align.