Alice Wallace

     notes by Rick Shubb

In the spring of 2016 we had a meeting in my office to discuss the various artists who had offered to do a set for us at that year’s Summer NAMM show. The name of Alice Wallace came up. I hadn’t heard of her before — yeah, I should get out more, we all know that — so after the meeting I looked her up on Youtube. Man, was I blown away! I called the guys back into the office, and said “If we can get her to sing at the booth, let’s not miss the chance. She’s the best new singer I’ve heard in years.” I spent the rest of that afternoon surfing Youtube, listening to Alice Wallace.

Alice Wallace at the Summer NAMM show

Alice enlisted the help of another Shubb artist, Brian Ashley Jones, for her set at our booth at the 2016 Nashville show. They sang and played great, but we were having some problems with our new PA, and I’m afraid we didn’t do them justice. Both consummate pros, they took it in stride and didn’t hold it against us, but I told them we owed them one. Happily, we would get another chance.

At the following NAMM show (2017 in Anaheim), both Alice and Brian were planning on being there. We asked them each to play a set at the booth. They gave us another chance, and by this time we had learned the intricacies of our PA mixer. Both sets sounded wonderful, as the large crowds that gathered will attest. Here are a couple of songs from Alice’s set, accompanied by Brian Ashley Jones (guitar) and Austin Callender (bass).

“As a singer and songwriter, I’ve always used capos heavily to move my songs into just the right key for my voice. And Shubb capos are absolutely the most consistent and accurate capo on the market. I don’t find myself having to re-tune the guitar every time I move the capo, which is a huge benefit when playing live shows. I don’t have to break that connection with the audience just to make sure my guitar is in tune anymore. My Shubb Capo is a vital part of my performance now!” — Alice Wallace

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