Intonation – A capo’s greatest challenge


Any capo can casually advertise that it “doesn’t put the guitar out of tune,” but we really mean it, and we take it very seriously!

Of course, to even begin to address tuning issues, a capo must be totally adjustable. This narrows the field a bit, but Shubb is not the only adjustable capo. So what makes a Shubb so special?

When we developed our capo, our main job was to minimize or eliminate the need for retuning. We accomplished this by designing

1. a unique material that acts just like your fingertip

2. a patented closing action that works exactly like your hand

3. a one-time adjustment that provides the ideal pressure every time.

1. Like your fingertip

On most capos the material that presses the strings is too hard. It bends the string over the fret, stretching it sharp. The thicker the string, especially wound strings, the more drastic the effect


We worked with a laboratory to scientifically formulate a special, custom rubber material that behaves just like the flesh of your fingertip. It allows the string to sink into the rubber just enough for it to relax, and not get stretched across the fret. Meanwhile, the metal rod inside acts like the bone in your finger to back up the resilient rubber.


Result: the strings are NOT STRETCHED OUT OF TUNE!

2. Like your hand

Another reason that most capos cause tuning problems is the manner in which they engage the neck. They pull the strings to one side, stretching them sharp. Some strings get stretched more than others.


Retuning does not solve the problem, because the strings’ own tension is still trying to pull them back into line under the capo, and any retuned strings will be worse when the capo is removed.

Because the Shubb Capo closes onto the neck just like your hand does — not like a clothespin, or a belt, or a vise, or a pair of scissors or pliers — there is no sideways pull on the strings.

Result: the strings are NOT PULLED OUT OF TUNE!

3. Consistent, repeatable pressure

Other adjustable capos require that you manually apply the same amount of pressure each time you use them. With the Shubb, you can “set it and forget it.” Once the adjusting screw is set for your instrument, you will get the same, ideal pressure each time.

Fretted instruments are not perfect machines. And no capo, not even a Shubb, can make these imperfect machines perfect. But the ultimate achievement of a capo is to affect the strings in exactly the same manner as your fingers. This is what the Shubb Capo does far better than any other.

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