The Shubb Family of Artists

We love being in the music business, and the part we love best is the music and the musicians. Yes, we attend to business; it keeps bread on the table, and a fire burning in the hearth. We never forget that. But the fire that burns by itself is our passion for music.

We’re musicians, and the players are our people. We treasure our relationships with those of you who are using our products on the job. We take pride in providing gear that helps to solve problems without creating new ones, so that you can focus on creating music. And we’re here if you need us.

Featured Artists

Artists in this group have a page here on our artists site. Not just a bio, these pages are a unique glimpse of the artist from our own perspective.

Past Masters

They’re gone now, but their music lives on. And when their music called for a capo, their choice was Shubb.

More Artists

Names of artists in this group are linked to their own websites.

About our Artist Program


We’ve never paid anyone to endorse our products, because:

A) We can’t afford it.
B) We don’t approve of it.
C) We don’t need to.
D) It’s just not how it’s done

All of the above. Many players are so satisfied with our capos that they are happy to be associated with them. In fact, many times players have contacted us, simply asking permission to say that they endorse our capos. Of course, we say yes. Once a connection is made, we take pleasure in standing behind our artists in whatever way we can.

Most of the best players use Shubb Capos, as you can see by the names on this page. All of these artists have enthusiastically given us their permission to use their name and image, and they all use Shubb capos exclusively, by their own choice. Many other top artists not listed here also use Shubb Capos, but we have not yet made contact with them to get permission.

When it comes to endorsements in the music business, it is not like the larger world of advertising. Unlike sports stars or pop idols who receive a fortune from big companies to pretend that they prefer one brand of soda pop or underwear, professional musicians will only use the stuff they want to use. And most of the companies that make the stuff they use (our company, for one) don’t have a spare fortune to throw at them for endorsements. They wouldn’t take it, anyway. So when you see someone using a Shubb capo, I guarantee you it’s because that is their choice.


Should you be included in our artist program? Learn more here…

If you are already in our artist program and have any questions or needs, you are invited to contact:
Gary Mobley | | 707-843-4068

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