Julian Dawson

     notes by Rick Shubb

One of the reasons we enjoy exhibiting at trade shows is that we get to visit with some of the artists who use our products. For the first few years at Musikmesse Frankfurt it was strictly business, but beginning in 2006 we added some performances at the booth. That was the year I met international star Julian Dawson.

Julian, a musikmesse veteran, was singing and playing at the Martin guitar booth, and I noticed that he was using a Shubb capo. I introduced myself, and he offered to come over and sing a few songs at our booth, as well. He played for us both Friday and Saturday. What a treat!

If you look carefully at these pictures you’ll see that Julian was using our commemorative two millionth capo, a solid gold, diamond-studded piece of functional jewelry that we’d just unveiled that year.

In addition to his wonderful music , it was great to be able to spend some time chatting with this warm and witty guy who is, himself, solid gold.

When we returned from Germany, I emailed Julian to express my appreciation, and this was his response:

Rick, It was an absolute pleasure to meet you in Frankfurt and I was delighted to be able to say a small thank you for the wonderful products that have made all our lives so much easier all these years.
    Your friend Julian Dawson

Since then, Julian has joined us again at Frankfurt, and it has been our pleasure to present him on Musikmesse’s acoustic stage.

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