Doing Business with the Shubb Company

Rick and Gary Nashville

Sales manager Gary Mobley, Rick Shubb

In the USA

 • Music Merchandise Retailers:

The most convenient source for our products is usually the musical merchandise wholesaler. They’re the backbone of our industry. Please check our list of U.S. Distributors.

But most of the wholesale distributors do not carry all of our products, or may be out of stock on some. For those situations in which you cannot get the Shubb products you want, or if you are seeking the knowledgeable product support we can provide, we offer dealer direct service within the USA. It is not our policy to undercut or compete with our distributors, but to augment their service. You can download our (optional) order form, and feel free to contact us directly.

 • Wholesale Distributors:

Most, if not all, of the major distributors of musical instrument accessories in the U.S.A. are carrying our products. But if we’ve somehow missed you; or perhaps if yours is a new company, or one that has recently expanded into this product area, you should contact us now about carrying some or all of our products. Shubb capos and other products are very popular, highly respected, and an essential part of any musical accessory line. Email us at: You can call 707-843-4068, and speak with our sales manager, Gary Mobley.

Outside the USA

 • Retailers outside the USA:

Please check our list of International Distributors. If no wholesale distributor in your country is carrying our products, or if the volume of your sales would make it more practical to order directly from us, please contact us. (email or fax: 707-843-4069). We will provide international wholesale pricing along with shipping costs from either our Qingdao, China warehouse or our California, USA warehouse.

 • Wholesale Distributors outside the USA:

Shubb capos and other products are now very popular throughout the world. We have distributors in many European and Asian countries, but we still have room to grow in some areas. If you are not aware of another distributor of our products in your country, and if your company sells strictly wholesale, then please contact us for more information about becoming a wholesale distributor of Shubb products in your country: email: or fax: 707-843-4069.

Most wholesale orders to Europe and Asia are shipped directly from Qingdao, China by SHUBB INTERNATIONAL.

Online Sales

To qualify as an internet retailer you must have your own established e-commerce website with secure online ordering via credit card. Simply selling on eBay or Amazon does not qualify. If none of our wholesale distributors can supply you with our products, we will offer wholesale pricing on orders of $250 or more. As with a storefront, we will ship to you and bill for actual shipping charges. We do NOT drop-ship (that is, directly fulfill orders taken by online sellers.)

Music Teachers

If you are a music teacher and wish to sell our products to your students, you qualify for wholesale pricing if you can meet our minimum ordering requirement of $250. Email us for details.


Original equipment manufacturers, such as instrument companies, individual luthiers, etc. who wish to offer our products as accessories to their instruments, qualify for special pricing. Email us for details.

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