Capo Models

Selecting the right model for your instrument

The number (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) designates the size and shape of the capo, and which neck it fits.

Our most popular model. If you have a steel string guitar, acoustic or electric, this is probably the right capo for you.
Available in these styles:

Standard – C1 (polished nickel), C1n (brushed nickel)
Deluxe – S1
Capo Noir – C1k
Capo Royale –  C1g
Paua Pearl – C1p
Original – C1b
Lite – L1
FineTune – F1, F1g

Most vintage electrics, even Fenders, do not have this more extreme radius, and should use our model 1. But if your old Tele or Strat is one that does, then model 4 is for you.
Available in these styles:

Standard – C4 (polished nickel), C4n (brushed nickel)
Deluxe – S4
Capo Noir – C4k
Capo Royale –  C4g
Original – C4b
Lite – L4

Most of these instruments have flat fretboards, but if yours has a radius, use the dropdown menu on the product page to select the radius option.
Available in these styles:

Standard – C5 (polished nickel), C5n (brushed nickel)
Deluxe – S5
Capo Noir – C5k
Capo Royale –  C5g
Original – C5b
Lite – L5
FineTune – F5, F1g

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