For banjo (also fits mandolin and bouzouki).


Capo Noir C5k


For years our most commonly requested combination of features has been “can I get the Shubb capo in black with the roller?” Well, now you can.

Machined of brass and plated in black chrome, this stunningly beautiful capo will be the choice of anyone who prefers an elegant and inconspicuous look onstage or off. Perfect for instruments with black hardware or any dark finished instrument, and a must have for anyone who likes the stealth look!

For Banjo

  Our model 5 capo — “for Banjo” —is 1.5″ wide, and it also fits most mandolins and bouzoukis, many tenor guitars, and other instruments with narrow fretboards.. The model 5 capo is available in these various styles:


Available for both flat and radiused fretboard. Most of these instruments have flat fretboards; if you’re not sure about yours, chances are it is flat.


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