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Our Service and Support Policies

We are an old-fashioned company, in that we believe our products should last a very long time, and that our customers should be totally satisfied. We very seldom hear of any problems with any of our products. But on those rare occasions when we do, we’re here to help. More about our guarantee…

Replacement Parts

Need a replacement capo sleeve or delrin cap? Click here. While all of our products are made to last, there are some parts that can wear out after long use. With parts that you can replace yourself (rubber sleeves, Delrin caps, etc.) we will sent them out with instructions for installation.


If we need to fix something for you, we ask you to send it to us along with our repair request form, which you can download here. The form is not strictly required, but might be helpful.


Most of the time we can repair your capo or other product, and we’ll pay the postage (within the USA) to send it back to you.

Want to do it yourself?
In some cases your capo might need a repair or an adjustment that you can make yourself. We provide tips and instructions.


Sometimes you get the wrong model, size, or style. We want you to have the right one. If you’ve just bought your capo, or bar, etc. within the last 30 days or so, and discovered that you bought the wrong model, size, or style, we’ll be happy to swap with you.

It is helpful if you use our downloadable form for this:


Please do not abuse this privilege by sending us a product that you’ve been using for a long time. If there are extenuating circumstances, please contact us to make a special provision.

Custom Work

We sometimes get requests for custom variations on our products. When we can do it without special tooling, and without changing our production methods, we’ll usually give it a try. We usually only charge $5 or $10 extra for custom products unless they cost us a lot more to make, but it can take a long time before we can work them into our production schedule. And in some cases we can’t necessarily guarantee that they’ll work the way you want them to. Learn more…

Other Products

For issues or questions about any of our other products not specifically dealt with here, email us.

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