FineTune Capo Service

Our FineTune Capos are very different from all of our other capos. They utilize a screw action to operate, not an over-center locking action. They have a few more parts than our other capos, most of which are not user-replaceable. So except for simply replacing a sleeve, if your FineTune Capo needs repair, you’ll have to send it to us.





Has your FineTune capo popped open unexpectedly?

When we first introduced the FineTune in 2015 it had a different latch than it has now. We discovered that it was not as secure as it should have been, and within a few months, we had redesigned it. If you have one of these earlier capos, and want to swap with us for one with the better latch, we’ll ask you to first send us a picture of your capo’s latch to confirm that it qualifies. Then send us the capo, and we will send you a new one with the improved latch.

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