The black rubber sleeve is our preferred sleeve, and comes stock on the capo. It has a warmer tone, more accurate intonation, and better overall performance. If you are seeking a brighter tone, try our clear vinyl sleeve.

Replacement sleeve for FineTune Capo


A Shubb Capo is made to last a lifetime, but with heavy use over years, the rubber sleeve can show signs of wear, and lose some of its famous ultra-resilience. But you don’t throw away a Mercedes when the tires get worn. We want that older capo of yours to be performing at its best, so we offer replacement sleeves for just $3 … in most cases that’s less than the postage we pay to send it to you.

One of the Shubb Capos main secret weapons is its sleeve material. It is not just neoprene, or some other off-the-shelf rubber. Early in the capo’s development we collaborated with a research lab to formulate our own special blend of silicone rubber, designed to behave just like your fingertip in pressing the strings. The sleeve’s thick pad allows the string to sink into it, so it doesn’t bend the string across the fret, and at the same time its ultra-resilient material pushes back — like your fingertip — ensuring a clear tone.

And one of the best properties of silicone rubber is that it is absolutely inert. In other words, it cannot leave a mark on a guitar neck.

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