Replacement Delrin cap for Original and Lite capos. The part that goes on the end of the adjusting screw.

Also for most older Shubb Capos, prior to 2013.

Delrin Cap – DC


When we first produced our capo the screw did not have a cap on the end. It was just metal on metal. The Delrin cap was added a few years later. People began to inquire about them, but they didn’t know what to call them. So they’d make up their own descriptive names.

Here are some of the names people have used to describe Delrin caps
(all taken from emails, listed in the order received):

  • capo nubbies
  • bore-screw ends
  • nose plugs
  • capo savers
  • groove prevention units
  • nubs
  • bumps
  • miniature landing capsules
  • boobies
  • acorns
  • nose cones
  • little plastic bobbles
  • rubber capo boots
  • rubber tits
  • weird little round space pods
  • rubber bullets
  • dreidels
  • hard nipples
  • little coneheads
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