Why do Shubb Capos cause the fewest tuning problems of any capos?

They are uniquely engineered to duplicate the resilience of your fingertip and the closing action of your hand. No other capo design employs these features. Learn more…

The rubber sleeve on my capo is showing signs of wear. Are replacement parts available?

Yes. We’ve tried for years to get music stores to stock replacement sleeves and caps for our capos, but somehow it doesn’t always seem to happen. If someone in a store tells you that they are not available, please inform them that they are. Maybe we’ll get the word to the stores eventually, but meanwhile, you can get them directly from us for three dollars apiece. That’s less than the postage we pay to send one to you.

My guitar has a 1-3/4” nut. Should I get a model 1, or a model 3?

Nut width is not the whole story. Two guitar necks that are the same width at the nut might not be the same width higher up the neck, where the capo is used.

Measure the span of the strings at the highest fret where you would use the capo. If it is less than two inches, then a model 1 will work. But if it is very close to two inches, it will require careful placement, and you might be happier with a model 3.

In the case of a FineTune capo, the F1’s opening is 1-15/16″ wide. If the neck is smaller than that (at the highest fret you would capo), then F1 will fit. If not, use the F3.

Why is the roller design so much better than the Delrin cap?

In addition to providing smoother operation and reduced wear, the roller design offers what we sometimes call improved geometry. It broadens the capo’s sweet spot. To understand this, it’s helpful to examine  a rather subtle aspect of how the capo works. More on this…

What about replacement parts in Europe?

Some retail shops and many websites carry replacement sleeves and delrin caps for our capos. Two excellent and reliable sources we recommend are:

UK: Eagle Music Shop

Germany: Thomann

Do Shubb Capos come with a lifetime guarantee?

We have never published one in writing, simply because we feel that it should go without saying that a company stands behind its products. In actual practice, YES. If something goes wrong with your Shubb Capo, we’ll fix it at no charge. Read more…

Will the bend in the capo match the radius of my fretboard?

If you’ve gotten the right model, yes it will. Not convinced yet? Read more…

Does Shubb Capos do custom work?

Yes, sometimes. Within certain limitations, we can adapt capos to fit unusually wide, or shallow, or thick necks …that sort of thing. If it’s something we can do without redesigning our product from the ground up, or straying too far from our production methods, we’re often willing to take a shot at it. We usually charge just $5 or $10 for the custom work, but it can sometimes take us a few weeks to work into our production schedule.

More about custom work…

Does the Shubb Dobro capo work on a squareneck or a roundneck?

It works on a squareneck. It will also work on a roundneck, if the instrument is set up to be played “Hawaiian” style: unfrettably high string action, 3/8″ to 1/2″ high, played with a bar. Learn more…

Which guitars does the 7.25″ radius capo (model 4) fit?

Some of the older Teles and Strats had this more extreme radius to the fretboard, and a few copies of these guitars have it, too.

But the great majority of electric guitars – including most Teles and Strats – have the normal fretboard radius similar to a steel string acoustic, and should use our model 1 (for steel string guitar). But the soft rubber on our capo is pretty accommodating, and on many necks these capos are interchangeable.

Does the partial capo come in other finishes besides brass?

Our partial capos are available in both plain brass and polished nickel. The nickel version features the roller design.

Is there a model of capo that will fit my bass guitar?

It’s hard to say for sure; our capos were designed for guitars, but there is a pretty good chance that one of our guitar capos will fit your bass guitar. Some electric bass necks are not much larger than guitar necks, and our S1, C1, C1k or C1B will fit those. If it’s just a little larger, one of our 12-string capos might work: S3, C3,C3k, or C3B. Our capo that fits the largest neck is our S3v.

Do you make a capo for an extra-wide neck?

Our widest capos are the nylon strings (model 2- flat fretboards) and our 12-string capos (model 3 – radius fretboards), both of which are 2.25 inches wide. These will work on just about any 6 string or 12-string guitar.

We have sometimes made custom capos for unusual instruments, such as 8-string or 10-string guitars, with varying degrees of success. All we are able to change on these capos is the part that covers the strings, making it longer for a wider fretboard. The closing mechanism must remain the same in order to function, so if the other part is too long, the geometry gets out of whack. When we’ve made these, it is with the disclaimer that they might not work as well as our production model capos, or might require more careful placement to make them work. That said, most of the people who have gotten them have been satisfied.

Should the capo go onto the neck from above (bass side) or below (treble side)?

Either is correct. Users are divided about 50-50, with perhaps a slight edge going to the “from above” users. Learn more about correctly applying a Shubb Capo…

If I buy directly from Shubb Capos will I get the best price?

No, we sell at list price, which is not uncommon for a manufacturer, so as to not unfairly undercut our resellers. Most of our resellers sell at a discount. So why buy from us instead of Amazon? Some people like to deal directly with the manufacturers, and see it as a gesture of support, not unlike buying a CD from a band at a performance. Plus, we have all the models and styles in our line, which practically no one else has. And we have the friendliest support and exchange policies you will ever find.

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