5th String Capos Service


We tend to think of the installation of our 5th string capo as fairly simple, and for an experienced luthier or repair person, it is. But accurate placement is crucial to the proper operation of the capo, and we strongly recommend having a professional install it. Installation instructions are provided in the package, but in case you’ve lost the insert, you can download the instructions here:

5th string capo installation

The instructions were written by expert luthier Frank Ford, and are intended for someone with at least a bit of skill and experience. I also recommend taking a look at his web page regarding fifth string nuts.

Sliding too loose or too tight?

If the sliding part is moving with no tension at all, just falling freely when disengaged, then it is likely that the little spring inside has become dislodged. This can happen before the capo is installed, if the sliding part is removed from the bar and not put back on properly.

How to reset a spring that has become dislodged…

Too tight? Be sure that you’re backing the screw far enough out before sliding. If it has always been too tight, then send it to us and we’ll adjust it. If it has become too tight, then perhaps some dirt or other substance has gotten stuck under the spring that rests against the bar, or even in the dovetail slot. First, check the inner surface of the bar itself for obstructions; sometimes specs of dirt get lodged there, and can be removed with a knife blade, or other small tool. If it seems that some gunk has gotten into the sliding section, under the spring, then you could clean it out by removing the sliding section. Instructions for removing and replacing the sliding section are included on the page about loose sliding.

Have you lost the adjusting screw?

For a temporary workaround, a bolt from the hardware store with a 6/32 thread will probably work, but you won’t be happy with it for very long. Let us send you the right one.

Have you lost the mounting screws?

You’ll have an awfully hard time finding these at a hardware store; fortunately, we have replacement mounting screws available.

Is your 5th string capo damaged?

This is pretty rare, but if your 5th string capo is damaged, we’ll fix it for you. Pack up your 5th string capo carefully, because the bar is fragile. Download our repair form, print it and fill it out. Enclose it with your capo and send it to us. We’ll fix it and send it back to you, no charge.

Do you want to trade your short bar for a long bar, or vice versa?

Our 5th string capos come with two different length bars: the short bar (5.75 in.) mounts with two screws and reaches the 10th fret, and the long bar (8 in.) mounts with three screws and reaches the 13th fret. If you bought your 5th string capo within the last 30 days or so, and wish you’d gotten the other model, we’ll trade with you. Pack up your 5th string capo carefully, because the bar is fragile. Enclose a note explaining the exchange, along with your address, and send it to us at: Shubb Capos, exchanges / 3721 Santa Rosa Ave. suite B3 / Santa Rosa CA 95407

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