Here’s what the artists who are using Shubb Capos every day have to say about them.

“The entire music industry may have changed, but the unchanging tools of the trade are a source of comfort and familiarity. Shubb capos are one of those tools, and I depend on them on the road and in the studio.”
—  Rosanne Cash

“Shubb is the only capo that does everything I need a capo to do.”
“Ever since I started playing guitar I have used Shubb capos. I’ve tried others, but always come back to Shubb because they’re designed so well, they’re really easy to use, and I don’t have to worry about my guitar going out of tune.”
Elvin Bishop

“Shubb Capos are the best ! They’re solid, and what i really like is they don’t throw the guitar out of tune.”
Elvin Bishop

“Everyone’s trying to build a better mouse trap, but there’s still nothing out there better than a Shubb. I’ve tried ’em all, and this is by far the best.
John Jorgenson
“Over my forty-plus year career I have used many different brands of guitars, amps, and pedals, but really only one brand of capos. It’s simply because Shubb Capos are the best!”
“Shubb is my capo of choice… easy to use, reliable, and resilient.”
“When I ask for a capo it is understood that I mean Shubb.”
Doyle Dykes shows off his new engraved capo.
“I use Shubb Capos every time I perform. Whether on a 6-string acoustic or electric, 12-string or nylon string guitar they always work and sound great. Shubb capos are definitely part of my show!”
“The Shubb Capo is a genuine classic. Simple design, super low profile, and super solid. I’ve tried just about every style, and always come back to my Shubbs.”
Scott Holiday, Rival Sons
“Shubb are the only capos I will use. They are simply the best, …period.”
“A Shubb capo is classic American functional art that works, has stood the test of time, and many miles traveled. Like your favourite guitar, it always travels with you.”
“Shubb Capos are absolutely the most consistent and accurate capo on the market. I don’t have to re-tune when I move the capo, which is a huge benefit when playing live shows. My Shubb Capo is a vital part of my performance!”
Alice Wallace
“From writing, to recording, to touring the world … Shubb Capos are always with me when I make music.”

“My Shubb capo is one the most important tools in my musician’s gig bag! I don’t always write songs in the right key for my voice, but my Shubb is the key changer I can rely on. I couldn’t do it without my Shubb!”
Lisa Loeb

“A Shubb Capo is a perfect design that is easy to adjust, and secure. It stays out of the way of your hand. Plus, it turns the 7 or 8 chords you know into 70 or 80!”
Ed Robertson, Barenaked Ladies

“Shubb Capos are the only capos I’ve ever used since learning to play the guitar. They are so easy to work with and adjust, and I find that Shubb Capos are much gentler on my guitar’s strings than any other capo. Love me some Shubb!”
Jenny Tolman

“Is a Shubb just a capo? Is a Stradivarius just a violin?”
Jeff “Skunk” Baxter

“In all the styles of music I play, my Shubb capo is always with me. It’s resolute, and the quality and dependability are unmatched! ”
Chelsea Constable

Andy McKee

“The intonation is always great. I’ve been very happy with Shubb Capos for all these years. I can honestly say that the song, Rylynn, would not exist without the Shubb banjo capo.”
Andy McKee

James Burton

“When I use a capo, Shubb is what I prefer. It’s adjustable and doesn’t mess with the tuning.”
James Burton

Brad Davis

“In the studio 6 days a week, I have to have a capo that can perform without question under a microscope – Shubb never fails to deliver!”
Brad Davis

”Trustworthy grip, adjustable tension, and easy aesthetic all while producing a true, clean, and pure sound. That’s the beauty of a Shubb Capo.”
Payton Taylor

“I’ve tried every Capo on the market, the Shubb Fine Tune Capo is the best I’ve ever used. I use it every night and it does everything I could possibly want: it makes my guitar stay in tune, it keeps the tone true and crisp, and it’s so incredibly easy to use.”
Trey Hensley

“An easy to use and dependable capo is an indispensable tool for a guitar player. I’ve tried many, but the convenience and accuracy of a Shubb never lets you down.”
Larry Campbell

“I have played just about every capo that has been created, and I wouldn’t trade my Shubb Deluxe for any of them.”
SONiA, Disappear Fear

“By eliminating the need for retuning after changing position, Shubb Capos allow me to be more fully present with my audience. I’m proud to endorse this quality tool.”
Amy McCarley

“I love my S1 guitar capo! It gives me the same great clarity and tone anywhere i put it on the neck.  I can dial it in for as much or as little pressure as i need to get that great sound Shubb is known for.”
Tim May

“They’ve never failed me. Once I got my first Shubb, I thought “OH! This solves all those problems.”
Emily Zuzik

“Shubb capos allow me to quickly set the precise pressure required to eliminate buzzes and maintain intonation. Perfect for recording and live performance!”
Daniel Ho

Liona Boyd

“I find Shubb capos to be the best as far as ease of application and aesthetics. Being mostly a classical player I really haven’t used capos before, but now I’m adding vocals to my new CD, and a capo is essential! Rick, I LOVE your capos and am delighted to represent them!”
Liona Boyd

“With my Shubb Capo, I can do anything.”
Jaime Wyatt

“From altered tunings, to oddball necks, to hybrid string gauges, to baritone guitars … my Shubb Capos have never let me down. Consistent intonation — so all I have to do is focus on the music.”
Shane Theriot
“I honestly believe that Shubb is the finest capo I have ever used. It is a brilliant invention.”

“I’ve been using Shubb Capos for a lot of years now. They’re reliable, well made, and I don’t have to worry about any pulling or tuning issues when changing fret position. It’s a no brainer. Shubb is hands down the best.”
Brian McKenzie

“Shubb capos never fail me, and I use capos A LOT in performance. You deserve all the kudos you get and more; great product, lots of integrity, straightforward business — no BS — the way it should always be!”
Roy Rogers

“These Shubb Dobro capos are great! Clean tone, no string buzz, and it doesn’t get in the way of my left hand when playing near the capo. Love it!”
Rob Ickes

“I’ve used Shubb Capos for as long as I can remember. I have multiple sets of gear, and Shubb Capos are in every set …always have been.”
Don “Hotel California” Felder, The Eagles

“I’ve tried every kind of capo there is. I always go back to Shubb. It’s never let me down. My Dad used Shubb Capos, and they’re still the best. Hands down.”
Ashley McBryde

“Invest in a Shubb Capo, and it will last you a lifetime.”
Steve Kaufman

“Shubb Capos have always been the best. You stay in tune when you put them on, and you never have to worry about them.
Johnny Hiland

It’s a safe bet that whenever you see me, I have a Shubb Capo in my pocket. Not only do I love the size and look of the capo, but it is sturdy and works perfectly on my acoustics and electrics.”
Sam Austin Morrow

John McEuen

While recording Made in Brooklyn I used Shubb capos exclusively, and as always I think my guitars sound better with a Shubb, and they are quicker to use. We did 8 songs a day, and without the Shubb it might have been 7!
John McEuen

“I’ve got nothing but love for Shubb.”
Alexx Calise

“For me, Shubb capos are the only capos because of how well they keep my guitars and ukes in tune.”
Ted Wulfers

“I’m in tune no matter which fret I’m on, or which guitar I use. I’d be lost without my Shubb!”
Dan Navarro

“Shubb capos have it all: perfect function and beautiful form. I never use anything else!”
Alice Howe

“Out of all the capos I have owned and used, the Shubb keeps the tuning the best and it is most certainly the fastest.”
Josh Richards, Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper

“Shubb Capos make my strings sing … and stay in tune.”
Eric Andersen

“Since using a Shubb Capo, I’ve had no issues with going out of tune during a song, or any other technical issues. And I really like the look and feel of the capos; streamlined and elegant.”
Joanna Wallfisch

“I’ve been using Shubb capos for over forty years. There’s absolutely nothing better.”
John Leventhal

“As a touring musician, it’s great not having to worry about my capo during shows because I know my Shubb capos will always hold up.”
—  Yasmin Williams

“I’ve been using Shubb Capos for decades. I wouldn’t use anything else, and I’ve tried most all of them.”

Jim Kanas

“I have used several different capos over the years, and honestly, Shubb made me say Yes Finally! …out loud. Feels great to put The Capo on my guitars and know its going to do its job, and not have to worry about tuning constantly.”

Randy Barnette

“Shubb is the only capo that I trust to do its job and allow me to do mine, without having to think about what is going to happen when I take the capo off.”

Wes Parker

“Shubb is the best capo on the planet! Perfect intonation, slim design, it just doesn’t get any better!”

Berto Boyd

“For me it’s the most consistent and reliable capo I’ve come across. I like that I can calibrate the pressure correctly depending on the guitar that I’m using, so I don’t have to worry about strings not sounding properly. A great product.”

John Feeley

“ I love SHUBB capos because every other capo I’ve tried slightly changes the tuning of your guitar. For that reason alone, I’ll never reach for any other capo than a SHUBB ! “

Calum Graham

“Shubb makes the perfect capo, the only one you’ll ever need!”

Samuel Moore

 “I’ve been using a Shubb capo on my nylon string guitars for decades and its excellent quality, intonation and durability continue to knock me out.  One thing’s for sure, Shubb capos are built to last while delivering unsurpassed quality!”

Rick Udler

“I think I’ve tried most of the capos on the market over a 40 year career.. I always keep coming back to Shubb. Particularly the new sleek models with the ball bearing. Light, smooth, reliable.”

Steve Postell

“Shubb was my first capo, and it’ll be my last. I love my Shubb capo because it’s consistent, keeps my guitar in tune, and can easily be stored in my pocket. I’m never without it. I’m a Shubb lifer.”

Redd Daugherty

“I’ve been using Shubb since the beginning. They just work! Easy to use, stays in tune, what more could you ask for?“

Alex Mak


“I love my Shubb FineTune capo because it’s reliable, consistent and looks awfully good on my banjo!”

Willow Osborne


“Shubb capos are the most trusted capos for a reason. I don’t have intonation issues with them and I often use two at a time!”

Dave Fenley


“Since the first time I ever tried a Shubb, I never considered to play with another capo. Why? They are simply the best and most reliable capo in the world. Thank you, Shubb, you make me play better.”

Daniel Ek


“Shubb capos are the best you can find to keep your guitar in tune, I’ve used them for years, and for good inspiration, partial capos are my best friends! I wrote a lot of songs because of them.”

Francois Sciortino Monaco


“I love Shubb Capos because they stay in tune. Also I like the weight, the solid sturdy craftsmanship, and beautiful sleek design that I can carry in my pocket and take anywhere for performing or sitting in with bands. Since I’ve tried one I’ve never needed another capo.”

— Ken Swartz


“I can’t play a gig or sit down to write without a Shubb capo. Not only are they small and sleek, but they’re incredibly reliable and sturdy. Shubb will always have a place in my gig bag!”

— Sister Ray (Ella Coyes)


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