Jimmie Vaughan

“Shubb are the only capos I will use. They are simply the best, …period.”
— Jimmie Vaughan

     notes by Rick Shubb

I met Jimmie Vaughan in Austin, TX, at the 2006 Summer NAMM show. Jimmie played a concert sponsored by Fender on Friday night, and we were also presenting a concert that same night featuring John Jorgenson. At first I’d been concerned that we’d be competing for the attendance of guitar fans, but it turned out that Jimmie’s concert was early, and finished before ours began. So that night was a feast for guitar fans, who could easily catch both.

The next day, Jimmie stopped by our booth at the show. I knew that Jimmie used a Shubb capo, and I was anxious to talk guitar with him. I’ve often pointed to him as an example of topnotch players who use a Shubb on electric guitar.

Well, if you know anything about Jimmie, you might know that while he likes to talk guitar, he really loves to talk about hot rods. So he and my partner Dave, a hot rodder from way back, spent the better part of an hour immersed in car talk while I puttered about the booth. Eventually, though, my wish was granted, as Jimmie turned to me and told me how much he loves the Shubb capo, and that it’s the only one he will use. I asked if would be OK to put him on the website, and as you can see, he said yes.

There seems to be a persistent myth that capos aren’t used on electric guitar. Well folks, Jimmie Vaughn uses his Shubb on his Fender all the time!

photo by Tim Carter photography

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