Service: steels and slides

Shubb-Pearse and Robert Randolph Steels

Since 2012, all of our guitar steels are made of solid stainless steel. For these bars, there are no plating issues… because of course, there is no plating. Being made of stainless steel, they are very hard, so they should not be prone to nicking or scratching unless abused. So for the present generation of SP and RR steels, we know of nothing that would be required in the way of service or support. However, if you have an issue with one of our SP or RR steels that we have not anticipated, please contact us.

GS guitar steels

The metal on a GS is stainless steel. It’s very hard, but it is possible to ding if you drop it or otherwise abuse it. And the wood can chip or break if it is dropped, or carried loose in a case compartment or pocket with other stuff. They’re not guaranteed against this sort of wear or damage.

If the metal part should ever separate from the wooden part, we’ll fix it for you. So far, we’ve had only one instance of this happening, so it is unlikely. But if it does happen, we’ll fix it. REPAIR FORM

Reversible Guitar Slide

The metal part of our guitar slide is brass, and it will darken as it ages. This is normal. But if you want it to shine, any metal polish will work. Just be sure that any residue of a polish is removed before using the slide on your guitar.

If dropped on a hard surface the slide could get a ding; it is not guaranteed against this sort of damage or wear.

The reversible slide comes with four Delrin RINGS in four sizes. They are replaced by firmly holding the metal section in one hand and pulling out the ring with the other. If you need a replacement for any of these rings, they are available here.



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