Elvin Bishop

     notes by Gary Mobley

One of our long time endorsers. I had the pleasure of meeting Elvin Bishop for the first time recently at a Northern California show. Elvin is widely respected in the blues community and is a real link to the first generation Chicago blues scene. He and the band tore thru their set and had the crowd in the palm of their hands.

I didn’t realize how important the capo is to his playing style as he had one on his trusted Gibson ES- 345 “Red Dog” practically on every song. He’s a real nice guy and acknowledged me during the show. Hope it’s the first of many Elvin shows for me!

“Shubb Capos are the best !—they’re solid, and what i really like is they don’t throw the guitar out of tune–my gibson es 345 (1959) has an extra wide neck, so i use the 12-string model.” — Elvin Bishop

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