Solid stainless steel. For banjo (also fits most mandolins and bouzoukis).


Deluxe Capo S5


When the Shubb Capo was first introduced in 1980, capos were elevated to a whole new level. In 1998 the Shubb Deluxe pushed the envelope again. Many people thought that the original Shubb could not be improved, but with the Deluxe we introduced upgrades in materials, design, geometry and ergonomics. It became the flagship product of our line.

For Banjo

  Our model 5 capo — “for Banjo” —is 1.5″ wide, and it also fits most mandolins and bouzoukis, many tenor guitars, and other instruments with narrow fretboards.. The model 5 capo is available in these various styles:


Available for both flat and radiused fretboard. Most of these instruments have flat fretboards; if you’re not sure about yours, chances are it is flat.


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