Its high-tech titanium finish has all the beauty of real gold, but is as durable as any metal finish you will find.

Capo Royale C4g


Gold plating has long been a luxurious finish for musical instruments and accessories. While gold is undeniably beautiful, it is not at all durable; it will wear off far too easily and quickly. And it is famously expensive.

But now we have researched a high-tech finishing technique that utilizes titanium to produce a capo that has all the beauty of real gold, but is as durable as any metal finish you will ever find. These capos will shine like gold for many, many years. Available in two distinct finishes, Gold and Rose Gold.


Model 4

  About  Model 4 capos

Our model 4 capos  are 2″ wide and more curved than our other capos. These are made specifically for vintage Fender Teles and Strats with 7.25″ radius fretboards. Note that MOST Fenders do NOT have this more extreme radius, and should use one of our model 1 capos.

Model 4 includes the following capos:

So which guitars have these fretboards?

First, it’s safe to say that the vast majority of guitars which MIGHT have a 7.25″ radius fretboard are electric guitars. But…
• Do all electric guitars have a 7.25″ radius fretboard?
NO! Most have a 9.5″ radius or greater, and should use our model 1 capos.

Fender guitars are often associated with a more extremely radiused fretboard, but…
• Do all Fender guitars have a 7.25″ radius fretboard?
NO! Even most Fenders have at least a 9.5″ radius.

Some people assume that a Tele or Strat has a more extremely radiused fretboard, but..
• Do all Fender Teles or Strats have a 7.25″ radius fretboard?
NO! There are so many models of Fender Telecaster or Stratocaster, most of which do not have this radical curve, that it is difficult to keep track of which has which curve.

• HEY! Wait a minute. Do ANY guitars have this curve?
Well, yes. SOME of the old vintage Teles and Strats, and some copies of these styles of guitars, DO have the 7.25″ radius fretboard. That’s why we made this model of capo.

the only way to know is to learn to identify by eye.

Kind of hard to see much difference here, isn’t it? But on your guitar, you can tell …once you’re used to looking at one or the other.

• What if you get the wrong one?
In many cases, this is not a big problem. The rubber on the Shubb Capo is so amazingly resilient that, depending on string gauge and action, it can often accommodate the difference between these two curves.




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