The FineTune is mechanically different from all our other capos. Being screw-operated, it can remain on the guitar (behind the nut) when not in use; a popular feature with bluegrass players.

This model is for slightly wider necks; its opening is 2 3/16″ wide.

FineTune Royale Capo F3g


We’ve been making guitar capos for nearly forty years, utilizing our patented over-center locking principle. Its action most closely resembles that of the human hand, and we are confident that it is the most accurate capo in the world. Many of the top players will use nothing but a Shubb.

We have also been aware of some players who will always prefer a U-shaped, screw operated capo that can be stored behind the nut while not in use. For these players, we have now designed the Shubb Fine Tune Capo. It represents the highest quality of craftsmanship and materials, and offers a few unique features not seen before.

• Its innovative adjusting knob makes it the most ergonomic screw-operated capo.

• The knob maintains a fixed relationship with the frame, for improved ease of use, and for the lowest profile when stored behind the nut.

• The knob’s six surfaces are numbered, providing a visual reference to more easily and accurately reproduce your ideal pressure.

• Greater contact area between screw, frame, and knob ensures that the fit will never become loose and sloppy.

• Specially developed rubber padding adds resilience to the capo’s closing action for finer control, and being absolutely inert, it will not mark an instrument.

• Rubber bumpers and smoothly rounded edges protect the instrument.

• Improved jeweler’s style latch prevents accidental opening.

• Carefully machined to the closest thread tolerance.

• Highly polished stainless steel with attractive abalone inlay.

• All models have been thoroughly tested on many vintage instruments, including 30s, 40s, and 50s Martins, 30s Gibsons, and most of the popular contemporary instruments, to ensure the best fit and performance.

The FineTune Capo is not available through our conventional wholesale distribution network. It is available only at a few select retail stores and websites, and directly from us here online.

Replacement sleeves: our FineTune capos use a different sleeve than our other capos While one of our standard replacement sleeves CAN be used on a FineTune capo, it is thicker-walled, and will slightly alter the closing action of the capo. Unless you are specifically seeking more padding and a softer feel when closing, we suggest that you use the replacement sleeve that is made for the FineTune capo.

Capo Royale


Gold plating has long been a luxurious finish for musical instruments and accessories. While gold is undeniably beautiful, it is not at all durable; it will wear off far too easily and quickly. And it is famously expensive.

But now we have researched a high-tech finishing technique that utilizes titanium to produce a capo that has all the beauty of real gold, but is as durable as any metal finish you will ever find. These capos will shine like gold for many, many years. Available in two distinct finishes, Gold and Rose Gold.


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