Less than half the weight of other Shubb capos.

Is a LITE capo best for you? More on this below…

Lite Capo L2

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The Shubb Lite is made of aluminum. It weighs less than one ounce. Is a Lightweight capo for you? Maybe. Some people associate a certain amount of heft with quality, while many others feel that a capo should be as light as possible.

Neither opinion is right or wrong; it’s a matter of choice. If a lighter weight capo is to your liking, and that of your instrument, then the Shubb Lite is definitely the capo for you!

For Nylon String Guitar

  Our model 2 capos — “for Nylon String Guitar” — are 2.25″ wide and flat, to fit a classical guitar, flamenco guitar, some folk guitars and other instruments with a wide, flat fretboard. The model 2 capo is available in these various styles:

Nylon string guitars almost always have flat fretboards. But in today’s world of blending styles, there are a few hybrid guitars with nylon strings and radiused fretboards. These unusual guitars should use one of our model 3 capos.


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