Jerry Jeff Walker

October 23, 2020: we lost a national treasure. Rest in peace, Jerry Jeff.

Memories of Jerry Jeff by Raul Reynoso

Among my memories of shows that have had a profound impact on me as a player and performer, I would have to include an evening at the “World Famous Palomino” in North Hollywood.

The club — with its giant bouncer named “Tiny,” and its Shure Vocalmaster P.A. — was already a legendary venue. Performers ranging from Willie Nelson to Merle Haggard to Jerry Lee Lewis had all graced its stage.

On this particular evening in the late 70s I had come to see Jerry Jeff Walker and the Lost Gonzo Band. The place was packed, the atmosphere was electric, and the show was amazing. The Lost Gonzo Band featuring Gary P. Nunn opened the show, and at the end of their set I figured it could not get any better. I was wrong.

Jerry Jeff Walker came out, and the place went crazy. He did a fantastic set of music with the Lost Gonzo Band: top notch playing and songwriting with a Texas flair. Real music, real life, and lyrics borne of experience, not a “hook” in sight.

Now, many years later I find myself working with Shubb Capos and my old friend Rick Shubb in Artist Relations among other things, and on the Shubb Website Artist Page I see none other than Jerry Jeff Walker sporting his signature cowboy hat, flat-top guitar and a Shubb Capo … We miss you, Jerry Jeff.

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