Paul Simon

     notes by Rick Shubb

Some high profile artists do not do endorsements. We not only get that, we respect it. One such artist is Paul Simon. Through the years I’ve enjoyed his music very much, and of course, I have especially appreciated the fact that he’s been using Shubb Capos practically since they were first introduced. We’ve asked his management a few times for permission to use his picture in one of our magazine ads, but were always (very politely) told that Paul simply doesn’t do that. But the last time we asked, his manager said that he’d check with Paul; he got back to us saying no magazine ads, but that it would be OK to include him here on our website as part of the Shubb Family of Artists.

Paul Simon’s music is part of our lives, and I’m proud to say that a Shubb Capo is part of his music.

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