Gipsy Kings

notes by Rick Shubb

The Gipsy Kings are turning the world on to their sound, and thanks to our friends, the flamenco nuevo duo Tierra Negra, for turning this very popular group on to our capos. In the course of developing a new model of guitar especially for the Gipsy Kings, (the Tierra Negra GK) Raughi and Leo, already enthusiastic Shubb users themselves, worked closely with the GKs, and had a chance to show them just how pleased they are with the capos. So now when you see the Gipsy Kings playing their new Tierra Negra guitars, they will be proudly sporting Shubb capos.

I caught the Gipsy Kings performing on Dancing with the Stars. They brought the house down, and on each of their guitars was a Shubb capo. That made me proud.

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