Lucinda Williams

Winner of three Grammy Awards, two Americana Awards, and Time Magazine’s “America’s Best Songwriter” in 2002, Lucinda Williams has done it all.

Lucinda is one of our greatest living songwriters, and someone we have had the privilege to work with since 2009. As a singer, her voice is unmistakable: full of grit but sweetened with soul. Her newest album “Stories From A Rock N Roll Heart” is about to be released (6/30/23), following the release of her memoirs “Don’t Tell Anybody The Secrets I Told You.”

notes by Gary Mobley:
In 2008 I got an email from Lucinda’s then manager who inquired about an endorsement. A couple technicalities prevented it from going much farther until Lucinda hooked up with her present manager(and husband) Tom Overby. In 2009 I finally got to meet both of them at the Hardly Strictly festival in San Francisco and the endorsement was formally established. I watched her show from the wings of the stage and it was the highlight of the festival for me. 

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