Dick Hardwick

     notes by Rick Shubb

Best known as a standup comic and a drummer (John Jorgenson quintet), Dick is also a fine rhythm guitarist. In fact, he was playing guitar for the Thunder Mountain Boys in Disneyland when I first met him, more years ago than either of us care to admit. During the years since then, he and I have played quite a bit of music, as well as getting into other sorts of trouble together.

Dick loves Shubb Capos so much that he will sometimes promote them at unlikely times. I once went to see him at a comedy club. He knew I was in the audience. Although he didn’t use the guitar in his act at all that night, at the end of his set, as the audience was beginning to applaud, he pulled his capo out of his pocket and held it aloft. “Shubb Capos!” he loudly proclaimed, “Greatest capo in the world!” I’m sure the rest of the room was sufficiently puzzled.

A shameless huckster. I love ya, man.

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