Luis Villegas

     notes by Rick Shubb

We used to market a software product for musicians called GigMaster, a database for performers to track and report on data relative to gigs. We once got a request for tech support from GigMaster user Luis Villegas.

In order to help sort out his data, he sent me his GigBook file. The first thing I noticed was that this guy was playing gigs practically every day! Honestly, folks, I wasn’t snooping; I had to look at his data to help him with it …but I sure was impressed with his work load. We had a slogan for GigMaster: Whether you play three gigs a year or three hundred, GigMaster was made for you. Well, Luis was making an honest man of me.

Gary and I got to know Luis on the phone and through emails, and discovered that, like many GigMaster users, he also used Shubb capos. A quick look on the web showed us even more about his successful career and his music.

For the past several years Luis has kindly come to the NAMM show and performed at our booth. It’s been nice to get to know him in person, and to hear his great music: a spirited blend of Latin jazz and Flamenco that has brought a good energy to our booth and pleased enthusiastic crowds.

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