Robert Randolph

     notes by Gary Mobley

Once in a great while, an artist comes along that shifts the whole concept of what can be done on a particular instrument . On the electric guitar, Hendrix and Van Halen come to mind. Well, for pedal steel that artist is Robert Randolph. Robert has just about single-handedly changed the way people perceive pedal steel guitar. His technique and tone are a far cry from anyone else on the instrument, creating a powerful rock sound that is miles away from the typical pedal steel country music application.

I met Robert back in 2003 and learned that he used our SP steel to help forge his awesome sound. I asked him if there were any modifications he requested, and out of that conversation our new Robert Randolph signature bar was born.

Since then I’ve seen several of Robert’s shows. I am always moved. We are very pleased and proud to have an association with this transcendental artist.

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