Gary Mule Deer

     notes by Rick Shubb

I once had the pleasure of sitting around a campfire swapping tunes with a group of folks that included comic and country singer Gary Mule Deer. His Johnny Cash parody was especially hilarious, along with everything else he did. I laid a Shubb capo on him that night, and he really loved it.

It turns out that besides being funny and talented, he’s also a really nice guy. We sat together at dinner the next night, and the meal was rather indulgent. When the waitress described a couple of rich desserts, Gary looked at me and said “you know, I never eat this kind of stuff at home. If I have dessert, it’s usually nonfat frozen yogurt.”
   “Me too!” I said, and we made the waitress find us some nonfat frozen yogurt. OK, so now we’ve got: funny, talented, a nice guy, AND a good influence, too.

Some time later, I got the following email from him:

Hey Rick…Gary Mule Deer here….I am wearing out my SHUBB capo that you gave me a couple of years ago..Also every time I am out with Johnny Mathis, his guitar player for 30years, Gil Reiger is always borrowing my capo every chance he gets…..Anyway.. I am ashamed to say that I had never used a capo until you gave me one of yours and now I use it for over half of the music that I do in my show..Where in the heck had I been the last 40 years?……Your Friend, Gary Mule Deer

I sent him another capo, and he sent me 100 Mule Deer Bucks. I love doing business with comedians!

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