International Web Orders

For web orders to addresses outside the USA, the shopping cart will calculate the USPS parcel post shipping cost and add it to your order. Ordering directly from us will ensure availability, knowledgeable support, and our friendly exchange policy. But you may find in some cases that the shipping cost is disproportionate to the cost of the product, especially on small items such as replacement parts, making it impractical to order from the USA. In these cases, we encourage you to order from someone closer to you. Here are some good sources for Shubb products that we know and support:

• In the UK: Eagle Music Shop  | Hobgoblin

• In Germany, and most of Europe: Thomann

• In Japan: Goraku

• In New Zealand: Rockshop

• In Thailand: Acoustic Villa

• In China: Shubb International

We will ship to any valid address in the world, but we are not responsible for any problems that may occur with local delivery, or  additional charges that might be applied for tariffs or customs clearance. Tracking on international shipments is only available up to the point when the parcel leaves the USA.

We always send out web orders within two days of receiving them. International shipments can sometimes be prompt (three or four days) but are unpredictable, and can sometimes take as much as three weeks. If you have ordered something from us and it has not yet arrived, please give it 21 days before notifying us.


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