• Paua Pearl

Shubb’s New Color-Shifting Iridescent Capo.

Pāua is the Maori (native New Zealand) name for a species of abalone whose shells are the most beautiful and colorful. Luthiers often use Pāua shell for the inlays on their most special guitars. Fine jewelry crafted from the shells are known as Pāua Pearls.

When we came up with this new finish, its dazzling iridescence reminded us of paua pearls, and so that became its name. It uses the same durable titanium process as our other Capo Royale models, so its color-shifting beauty will last practically forever.

And like the Pāua shell itself, no two are exactly alike. The patterns of color occur randomly, so no one else’s Pāua Pearl capo will look exactly like yours!

     New, clear logo sleeve is specially designed to have the same extraordinary resilience as our famous black sleeve.
     It adapts to a range of string gauges and fretboard radii, while providing superior intonation, durability, and warm tone.


Steel String Guitars (C1p)
Nylon String Guitars (C2p)

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