Introducing our limited 50th Anniversary Collection

Throughout 2024 we will be celebrating our 50th Anniversary by releasing a series of very special capos; our Limited Anniversary Collection. They are a tribute to five decades of creativity by the artists who have made Shubb Capos the company we are today, and they represent the state of our art.
These capos will be produced in short runs and will be available exclusively in our webstore. Subscribe to our email newsletter to be notified when these capos become available throughout the year!
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Violet Sky – C1vs

The same Sequoia pattern that is engraved in the eC1b is laser etched over a deep, rich violet background; utilizing our durable Royale titanium finish. Iridescent, multicolored fittings make for an overall dazzling effect.

Sequoia – eC1b

Some of us love the look of plain brass, and the patina it acquires with age. During 2024, as part of our Anniversary Collection, we will offer the ultimate brass finished capo, the model eC1b. Elaborately engraved over its entire surface, and inlaid with “50” in abalone and ebony on its adjusting screw, this is a truly stunning capo. Part of its engraving pattern resembles a redwood frond, and so we dubbed it “Sequoia.”

Rosette – C1z / C2z

Tastefully decorated with durable enamel, Rosette is reminiscent of patterns favored by luthiers on their finest custom classical guitars, and it sports a tiger’s eye inlay. Rosette will be available for most electric and acoustic steel string guitars as well as nylon string classical guitars.

Blue Diamond – C1d

Blue Diamond’s bold enamel design resembles deco jewelry, and its turquoise inlay and diamond pattern give it a Southwest flavor.

Titanium – T1

Made of solid titanium, offering an unprecedented combination lightness and strength. The capo of tomorrow.

Commemorative Standard – C1, C2, C5

During 2024, our Standard C1, C2, and C5 capos — our most popular line — will be laser etched with the figure “50” to commemorate our 50th anniversary. A likely collectible, and a nicely affordable way to hold onto a piece of history. Look for the 50th anniversary “seal” on the package to ensure that the capo bears the anniversary etching.


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