Introducing the Shubb Sequoia, a one-of-a-kind brass capo, adorned with intricate redwood-inspired engravings and an inlaid “50” on the thumbscrew. Perfect for those who appreciate the rich patina that brass develops over time.

Sequoia eC1b


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For those who appreciate the timeless appeal of brass and the rich patina it develops over time, we present the pinnacle of brass capos, the Shubb Sequoia. Featuring intricate engravings resembling a redwood frond across its entire surface and an inlaid “50” in abalone and ebony on its deluxe adjusting screw, this capo is truly stunning. The Sequoia is an essential accessory for vintage guitar collectors looking to maintain that road-worn aesthetic.

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For Steel String Guitar

Our model 1 capos — “for Steel String Guitar” — fit almost all steel string guitars, acoustic or electric. The model 1 capo is available in these various styles:


Unless your steel string has an unusually shaped or oversized neck, any of the model 1 capos listed above is for you. Some exceptions:

•  If your 6-string, steel string guitar’s neck is wider than most, it might require our model 3.  (12-string) capo.

•  If your steel string guitar’s neck is thicker than most, it might require our model S3v, specially designed for the thick necks on some vintage guitars.

•  If  your vintage Fender has the more extreme radius of 7.25″, then it should use our model 4.

If you discover that you have gotten the wrong model, we’ll swap with you for the right one. We provide an exchange form for convenience, but it is not required.


Almost all steel string guitars have a radiused fretboard. There may be an occasional steel string with a flat fretboard, but they are rare; perhaps on custom built instruments.  For these rare instruments, our model 2 (“for Nylon String guitar”) is the right choice.

While the radii on steel string guitar fretboards are not all identical, they are well within the Shubb Capo’s range for a good fit. This is because its proprietary sleeve material is engineered to be ultra resilient; it conforms to the fretboard’s shape, while cushioning and pushing back on the strings … just like your finger does!

More about fretboard radius…

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