• It looks like another stay at home year

    Usually our calendar is filled with festivals, trade shows, and various events, but the pandemic has changed all of that. Most of the events that are usually on our calendar have already been cancelled. Others are being tentatively scheduled, their promoters hoping that by the time the dates roll around, it will seem safer to …

  • A Capo Conversation

    Richard recalls a conversation about the use of capos and the ukulele,

  • The Other Side of the Aisle

    Richard Gilewitz reflects on his experience at “changing hats” from that of endorsing artist to trade show booth host.

  • A stay at home year

    2020 had been planned to be an active travel year, sponsoring and exhibiting at trade shows and festivals. But Covid-19 came along and changed those plans.

  • Summer NAMM cancelled

    When I first made this post, on 3/1/20, Summer NAMM in Nashville was still on the calendar. But Coronavirus has changed the year for all of us. It’s unlikely that the rest of this year will include any travel or exhibiting for us.

  • Returning to the Other Side of the Aisle

    In 2011 Richard Gilewitz did his first stint at helping us at our NAMM show booth, and he wrote an article about his experience called The Other Side of the Aisle. He joined us again in 2012, and again reflected on the experience…

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