Excellent showcase for Raul Reynoso, who shares the spotlight with Johnny Frigo, Bob Reitmeier, and Doug Mattocks.

Brilliantly produced and mixed by Raul.

Royal Street, Raul Reynoso


Raul Reynoso is driven by his love of music. His spectacular guitar technique, which could be a weapon in the wrong hands, is the medium rather than the message. He wields it with taste and maturity. What I enjoy most about his playing is the way he has thoroughly absorbed various, rich traditions without becoming their slave. His own touch is always evident, whether playing music born in the 30s and 40s as if it were just written, or creating new music which seems as though it has always been here.

The Tracks

1. MATELOT (Raul Reynoso) 2. EXACTLY LIKE YOU (McHugh/Fields) 3. WANETA’S WALTZ (Raul Reynoso) 4. ROYAL STREET (Raul Reynoso) 5. BLUES FOR DIXIE (O.W. Mayo) 6. DAPHNE (Django Reinhardt) 7. RAUL’S RHUMBA (Raul Reynoso) 8. ALICIA WALTZ (Raul Reynoso) 9. NUAGES (Django Reinhardt) 10. I’M GONNA LOCK MY HEART (J.Eaton & T. Strand) 11. VALSE MARGUERITE (Raul Reynoso) 12. DINAH (Akts/Lewis/Young) 13. SAMBALI (Raul Reynoso)


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