New West’s first CD. Mike Fleming, Raul Reynoso, and David Jackson.

Wild Places, New West


New West’s first CD is a showcase for Mike Fleming’s award winning songs. All 12 are originals, and feature Mike on lead vocal (along with two instrumentals, one a gorgeous Reynoso original). Solid harmony from Dave and Raul complete the vocal trio, while Raul’s instrumental virtuosity is always supportive and interpretive. Mike’s songs almost redefine the cowboy genre. They’re not a tongue-in-cheek tribute to a west that never was, but a window into a timeless west. They run a gamut of feelings from blues to swing, and are crafted with style and skill.

The Tracks

Pretty Cowgirl / Stampede / Lonesome Canyon / Montana Skies / Amigo / Below the Kinney Rim / Vaquero / My Only Love / Hey Conductor / Sometimes This Old Cowboy Gets the Blues / Gypsy Cowboy Band / Wild Places


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