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Winter NAMM 2008, Anaheim CA, Jan. 17-20

Our booth got a new look for 2008, adding two large video monitors that ran artists and products slideshows continuously, plus we added some fake plants to green it up a bit. We were pretty happy with the new look.

Gary Mobley in some fast company: James Burton and Doyle Dykes

Mike Phelan tells it like it is to David Gartland.

A rare shot of Mr. Shubb actually working the booth

Some things never change. Happily, one of them is my longtime partner, Dave Coontz.

Kelly Jordan — new hairdo, but Still the Best.

In the olden days we didn’t have smart phones.
The devices you see us using here were called “cameras.”

Rick, camera
Kelly, camera

Kenny Blackwell, Brad Roth, Raul Reynoso, Westy Westenhofer

John Jorgenson, Charlie Chadwick, and the Quintet’s awesome new violinist Jason Annick

Me and David Gartland at the soundcheck for the concert. Don’t worry, boys, it’ll sound fine tonight.

Summer NAMM 2008, July 27-29

Dave Coontz, Gary Swallows
Gary Mobley, hardest working man in the music business
Gary Mobley, hardest working man in the music business
Gary ... hard at work

In 2008 the Summer NAMM show returned to Nashville, and we found the perfect venue for our Friday night event: the beautiful ballroom at the historic Hermitage Hotel. The music of the John Jorgenson Quintet fits the room like a glove, and the event has remained there ever since.

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