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At the 2018 winter NAMM show we had to move to a new booth location. We had been at the same location for 16 years, and we were very comfy there. People knew where to find us. But a redesign of the floorplan made our old location unavailable.

The new booth turned out to work fine for us. The new location is a bit louder, but we have more foot traffic and more exposure.

Our new booth at the NAMM show.
(The new booth isn’t really curved; its a pan shot Raul took, to see both corners at once.)

Fortunately several of our favorite artists were on hand to make the transition painless.

Andy McKee
Doyle Dykes
Mean Mary

Raul Reynoso was a busy man in 2018, traveling to several bluegrass festivals to man the Shubb Capos booth … sometimes single-handedly. He also brought his camera along. Most of the photos in the gallery for the past few years were taken by him. Here are a couple from the Father’s Day Bluegrass festival at Grass Valley, CA.

Josh Richards at the Grass Valley festival

One of the very best bluegrass bands in the business right now is Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper, and their guitarist, Josh Richards is a new featured member of the Shubb Family of Artists.

Eric Thompson

I’ve know Eric Thompson since we were both teenagers, and he was already adept at playing in the styles of Doc Watson and Clarence White.

And here are a couple of photos from Merlefest…

Jack Lawrence at Merlefest 2018
Peter Rowan at Merlefest 2018

Peter Rowan, one of the greatest bluegrass singers of our time, or any time. We’re proud to feature him in the Shubb Family of Artists.

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